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Easy Listings® Business Development Partner Program

The Easy Listings® Business Development Partner (BDP) program is designed to reward partners generously and help them to quickly build on-going residual income. Partners benefit from a product mix that combines exponential growth in subscriptions that multiply year-after-year, and,additional production and product service upgrades that are sold through to subscription holders.

The program is designed to generously reward success with commissions that exceed industry standards. All sales collateral, materials and support are provided. Candidates are chosen based on our definition of the ideal BDP. These are personal qualities that we know will contribute to the success of the partner and this is the basis of our selection criteria.

What the partner receives through the program:

1. A managed Easy Listings® Account:
  • The partner becomes part of the Easy Listings® BDP network. Along with their customized
  • account setup that includes a presentation video for their Easy Listings® Player, the BDP will
  • benefit from on-going communications that flow through their account to their contacts,
  • prospects and clients including: A weekly marketing tip; A Monthly Easy Listings® Muse
  • Letter; a Quarterly Easy Listings® Marketing Report.
  • List Builder Campaign: This program features an account setup with the Easy Listings® List
  • Builder campaign that will help the BDP to continually build their marketing lists and
  • reach deeper into their sphere of influence to build their business.
2. Literature and Collateral Material
  • a. Business Cards
  • b. Electronic sales literature and templates
  • c. Brochures and leave behind CDs
  • d. Powerpoint and Flash Presentations

3. Full Sales and Follow Up Support:

  • a. Weekly Training Seminars
  • b. An Enterprise Outlook account to manage leads and calls
  • c. Q Commissions account tied into the Easy Listings® Quickbooks program to track salesand commissions

  • d. Affiliate Links: For BDPs with an independent website Easy Listings® affiliate links are available and affiliate referrals are tracks and compensated automatically.

  • e. Client setups, orientations, online and telephone support help are provided to all active accounts. The BDP can rely on the Easy Listings® support department to manage these tasks and keep their clients on track and motivated.

  • 1. BDP Program Overview
  • 2. Subscription Schedule ad Commission Structure
  • 3. Compensation Overview and Scenario
  • 4. Systems and Tools
  • 5. The Easy Listings® Selling Process
  • 6. Client Service Cycle: Recurring Process or Personalized Service
  • 7. Service Agreement: Single Account
  • 8. Service Agreement: Master Account
Sales Collateral and Support Materials

1. Sell Sheets:
  • a. “Mambo Means Business” A description of the program and its market focus for
  • business professionals.
  • b. Program Overview
  • c. Network Overview
  • d. Campaign Scenarios: “List Builder”
  • e. Client Testimonials
  • f. Program Package Costing
  • g. Professional Services Schedule
  • h. Subscription and Licensing Schedules
  • i. Setup Work Plan and Check List (For client account implementation)
2. Pocket Brochure
3. PowerPoint Presentations
4. CD Handout: Flash Demo, Easy Listings® Player samples, collateral and sales literature.
5. Affiliate Account: Site Banners, Lead Tracking, Sales Tracking
6. Sales Development, Planning and Support
  • a. Approach, phone and mailing scripts
  • b. Proposal and Production Costing Templates
  • c. Letterhead
  • d. Activity tracking and road map